Reducing Scope 3 Emissions and Achieving Science-Based Targets

BSR 2 Apr, 2020 · 1 min read

In this paper, BSR presents a three-step approach that can serve as a roadmap for business, providing a way into the topic for companies at the beginning of their journey and guidance for companies already taking action to scale their efforts.

  • Map the value chain to locate the greatest GHG reduction potential. To do so, companies can adopt a “reverse sourcing” approach—rather than moving down the value chain by first engaging Tier 1 Suppliers, companies need to assess their entire value chain to identify where the most potential for emissions reductions lies.
  • Demonstrate emission reductions through pilot projects. Pilot projects allow companies to determine the best structure for a project and to demonstrate the opportunity to achieve GHG reductions at scale in the value chain. Pilots will provide learnings that set the company up for large scale deployment and greater industry collaboration.
  • Scale up and engage value chain partners and peers. To effectively achieve their Scope 3 targets, businesses will need to widen the scope of collaboration with value chain players and peers and ensure that the right internal processes, such as procurement and marketing, are in place to shift the value chain.

Download the paper here.