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New Supplier Transformation Framework to help reduce Scope 3 emissions

11 Sep, 2023 · 1 min read
  • Transform to Net Zero created the Supplier Transformation Framework to help companies identify and improve their suppliers’ climate performance.
  • The framework contains a set of transformative, net zero-aligned climate expectations that suppliers can work towards to meet their customers’ diverse expectations.
  • A standardized framework for companies to assess their suppliers’ climate maturity to best support them in meeting those expectations.

Transform to Net Zero created the Supplier Transformation Framework in order to bridge the communication gap between supply chain professionals and tier 1 suppliers and build common ground in a varied buyer-supplier landscape.

The Supplier Transformation Framework draws on the real world supplier engagement experiences of the Transform to Net Zero members which are climate leaders in their industries – Danone, GSK, HSBC, Maersk, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Natura &Co., Nike, Inc., Ørsted, Starbucks, Unilever, and Wipro plus Environmental Defense Fund as the founding NGO member.

Procurement and supply chain executives from leading companies will be introduced to the Supplier Transformation Framework in an executive Masterclass entitled ‘Engaging with suppliers to reduce Scope 3 emissions’ on 19 September 2023 at The Hub Live at Climate Week NYC.

The framework presents four tiers of net zero aligned climate expectations to help suppliers more easily understand what beginner versus best practice climate action looks like and concludes with a list of resources companies can provide their suppliers to begin or accelerate their decarbonization journeys.

The standardized framework to assess supplier climate maturity leading up to those Transformative expectations helps:

  • Companies to institute common expectations for suppliers to reduce emissions and achieve 1.5°C goals while accounting for varying supplier climate action maturity levels;
  • Suppliers to more easily understand the expectations asked of them to achieve 1.5°C goals within their own value chains and beyond for their buyers across industries;
  • Both companies and suppliers to better position themselves to benchmark their climate performance against others and improve/develop engagement processes to decarbonize.

The Supplier Transformation Framework is available to view online and download here.


11 Sep, 2023 - 1 min read